‘Final Fantasy XV’ coming to PC early next year

Square Enix and NVIDIA didn’t say whether there’s any new material, but the game is bound too look good on Windows, thanks to Square Enix’s next-gen Luminous Engine and an alphabet soup of NVIDIA GeForce features. That includes NVIDIA Flow, Hairworks, ShadowWorks, Turf Effects and VXAO (voxel ambient occlusion), offering more realistic fluid and fire, […]


In a great year for space music, Quindar’s Hip Mobility most puts us in orbit

Shawn Brackbill/Courtesy of the artist It has been a great 12 months for space music, but to our ears much of this burgeoning scene doesn’t quite sound spacey. The Sufjan Stevens-led Planetarium is a modern Holst-ian work, more at home in the concert hall than the Milky Way (and we’d take Gustav’s “Mars” over Sufjan’s). Ennio Morricone’s newly reissued SPACE: 1999 is […]

Business Insider

The Xbox One is facing a major issue during its most important sales quarter of the year

Microsoft’s making a precarious bet with its Xbox One video game console this holiday. Do you like racing simulation games? “Forza Motorsport 7” is the only major first-party exclusive coming to the Xbox One this holiday. Microsoft Or perhaps you’re more into gorgeous, outrageously difficult, retro-style indie games?  “Cuphead” is a gorgeous upcoming game for […]