FTC slaps Lenovo on the wrist for selling computers with secret adware

[ad_1] Guang Niu/Getty Images The FTC said Tuesday that it cannot stop computer makers from selling computers that inject ads into webpages to US consumers. The statement covers Lenovo’s practice of having sold computers pre-installed with the so-called VisualDiscovery adware developed by a company called Superfish. This adware, which was installed on computers without consumers’ knowledge, hijacked […]


Fitbit Explodes on Woman’s Wrist, Because Catastrophic Failure Is Always an Option

[ad_1] Are you reading this on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop? Yes? Cool. That glowing misery rectangle has the capacity to explode the same way Milwaukee woman Dina Mitchell’s Fitbit Flex 2 did last week. Any lithium-based rechargeable battery can. It’s just extremely unlikely. The shoddy manufacturing practices around “hoverboards” and vapes made exploding batteries […]