Uber’s Massive Scraping Program Collected Data About Competitors Around The World

Illustration: Jim Cooke/GMG For years, Uber systemically scraped data from competing ride-hailing companies all over the world, harvesting information about their technology, drivers, and executives. Uber gathered information from these firms using automated collection systems that ran constantly, amassing millions of records, and sometimes conducted physical surveillance to complement its data collection. Uber’s scraping efforts […]


Uber Says Whistleblower Was Extorting the Company

Photo: Getty The drama surrounding an explosive letter written by former Uber employee Richard Jacobs keeps heating up, with Uber executives testifying in court today to try to undermine it. The letter claimed Uber’s Marketplace Analytics team worked on secret servers and devices that couldn’t be traced back to Uber in order to steal confidential information […]

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Waymo asks Uber’s top lawyer: “Does Uber pay money to extortionists?”

Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images reader comments 0 Share this story Waymo v. Uber View more stories SAN FRANCISCO—Under intense questioning by Waymo, Uber’s general counsel, Angela Padilla, testified Wednesday that former employee Richard Jacobs was trying to extort the company when he submitted an explosive legal demand letter alleging possible criminal behavior on the […]