New gravitational wave discovery shows off Einstein’s brilliance

“Oh, yes, look! I’m right again.”Image: Central Press/Getty Images By Miriam Kramer2017-10-16 18:53:55 UTC Even 100 years after the fact, Albert Einstein is still getting his due.  On Monday, more than a thousand astronomers and physicists around the world celebrated the announcement of a landmark discovery. For the first time, researchers saw the immediate aftermath […]


Observatories Across the World Announce Groundbreaking New Gravitational Wave Discovery

From LIGO: “Artist’s illustration of two merging neutron stars. The narrow beams represent the gamma-ray burst while the rippling spacetime grid indicates the isotropic gravitational waves that characterize the merger. Swirling clouds of material ejected from the merging stars are a possible source of the light that was seen at lower energies.” Image: National Science […]

IBM Fits AI Wave Forecaster on Raspberry Pi

Scientists have developed an advanced wave forecasting system that can run speedy simulations on a Raspberry Pi. Using deep learning, analysts at IBM Research Ireland, Baylor University, and the University of Notre Dame built a system that far outpaces existing prediction models. Costly and sluggish, traditional platforms require a supercomputer to calculate how tides, winds, […]


Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to gravitational wave scientists

The first confirmed detection of gravitational waves, caused by the collision of two black holes, occurred back in September of 2015. These ripples in spacetime were first predicted by Albert Einstein himself. Subsequent detections followed; the fourth, and most recent detection of gravitational waves occurred just last week. “Gravitational waves contain information about their explosive […]


New gravitational wave reaches Earth, three detectors notice

This artist’s impression shows binary neutron stars generating gravitational waves. R. Hurt/Caltech-JPL Ever since the groundbreaking detection of gravitational waves in early 2016, researchers have been on the lookout for more. On Wednesday, teams from the LIGO Scientific Collaboration in the US and the Virgo Gravitational-Wave Observatory in Italy announced the discovery of a new gravitational […]