Bethesda: Anti-Nazi game wasn’t meant to “incite political discussions”

[ad_1] Video captured/edited by Mark Walton. Bethesda, publisher of the upcoming shooting game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, has issued a formal response to decidedly informal (and largely anonymous) criticisms surrounding the anti-Nazi game. In doing so, however, the company has made the curious decision to try to absolve itself of particularly political overtones. The game’s latest […]


Don Ohlmeyer Aired An NFL Game Without Announcers And The World Wasn’t Ready

[ad_1] GIF GIF: Sam Woolley/GMG “All the stuff I’ve done in my career,” Don Ohlmeyer once told an ESPN interviewer, “and that’s what I’m going to be remembered for. It serves me right.” Ohlmeyer was referring to his decision, nearly 40 years ago, to air a nationally televised NFL game without any announcers. But after […]


Nintendo: SNES Classic preorder mess wasn’t all their fault

[ad_1] Nintendo Guess Nintendo won’t take all of the blame after all for last month’s Super NES Classic Edition preorder fiasco. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told the Financial Times on Saturday that some of the problem falls on retailers, saying the preordering issues were “outside our control.” It wasn’t clear what Nintendo wanted retailers to do differently. […]


Prosecutor Claims Social Media Surveillance of Black Lives Matter Members Wasn’t Surveillance

[ad_1] Six local Black Lives Matter members in Clarkstown, New York have filed a federal suit against the town, its chief of police, police sergeant, and its Special Investigations Unit, accusing them of racial profiling and illegal surveillance that violated their first and 14th amendment rights. In a response to a local news outlet, Rockland […]