Uber’s Massive Scraping Program Collected Data About Competitors Around The World

Illustration: Jim Cooke/GMG For years, Uber systemically scraped data from competing ride-hailing companies all over the world, harvesting information about their technology, drivers, and executives. Uber gathered information from these firms using automated collection systems that ran constantly, amassing millions of records, and sometimes conducted physical surveillance to complement its data collection. Uber’s scraping efforts […]

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Uber settles lawsuit with woman who accused executives of obtaining medical records after she was raped

Uber has settled its lawsuit with a woman (Jane Doe) who accused its now-former CEO Travis Kalanick, president of business in Asia Eric Alexander and SVP of business Emil Michael of improperly obtaining her medical records after she was raped by an Uber driver in Delhi, India. “A settlement has been reached and the Parties […]


Tesla, Uber Investor Posts Twitter Poll Asking If Millions Of North Korean Deaths Would Be Acceptable

Jason Calacanis, founder of Engadget and investor in dozens of companies, including Tesla and Uber, would like to know if it’s morally acceptable for millions of people to die in a preemptive strike against North Korea. It’s just something that came up over dinner. Calacanis published a Twitter poll yesterday evening on the topic, questioning […]

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Uber paid off a 20-year-old Florida man to destroy hacked data

Bug bounties (where compensation is offered to hackers who find vulnerabilities) are commonplace within tech circles — everyone from Apple to Samsung utilizes them. And, while highly-publicized rewards of up to $200,000 are the norm, it’s rare that the largest sum is dispensed to any one person. Making Uber’s $100,000 silent payout an all-time record […]