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Microsoft quietly snuck an ssh client and server into latest Windows 10 update

reader comments 1 Share this story In 2015, Microsoft announced its intent to bring OpenSSH, the widely used implementation of the secure shell (ssh) protocol used for remote system access and administration throughout the UNIX world, natively to Windows. Without too many people noticing, it turns out that the company has now done this. The […]

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Apple invests $390M in Finisar, maker of tech used in TrueDepth cameras

Enlarge / The Messages app has been augmented with a number of features that use the front-facing, 3D camera—including animojis. reader comments 0 Share this story Today, Apple announced a big investment in the technology manufacturing company Finisar. The iPhone maker will give Finisar $390 million, a portion of its $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund, […]