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YouTube is launching its own take on Stories with a new video format called ‘Reels’

Even YouTube is adding Stories. The popular format introduced by Snapchat, then adopted by Instagram, Skype, Facebook, Messenger and even some dating apps, is now making its way to YouTube as a new feature the company is calling “Reels.” To be clear, Reels is YouTube’s spin on Stories, not an exact copy. And Reels won’t […]


38 women share their stories of vile sexual harassment at the hands of an obscure filmmaker

[ad_1] Image: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for HBO By Adam Rosenberg2017-10-22 17:00:02 UTC The Harvey Weinsteins of the world aren’t always household names. Frequently, in fact, they’re nothing of the sort. So it is with James Toback, a longtime (and relatively obscure) filmmaker who is now facing allegations of sexual harassment leveled by 38 different women, […]

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Poll: Over 40% of people think the media makes up stories about Trump

[ad_1] Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP A new survey showed that nearly half of Americans believed that the media fabricated stories about President Donald Trump.  A Politico/Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday showed that 46% of Americans believe that media organizations invent stories about Trump, compared to 37% of Americans who did not believe that the media invents […]


Hashtag shared by Alyssa Milano encourages personal stories of sexual assault and harassment

[ad_1] “Me too.” It’s a simple, powerful call to arms, and the latest hashtag collating stories of sexual harassment and assault, posted by Hollywood actor Alyssa Milano. Milano was one of the early responders to fellow Charmed co-star Rose McGowan’s #WomenBoycottTwitter protest on Friday. The protest took place after McGowan was temporarily suspended from the […]


EVs, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Gilbert Gottfried get big screen origin stories

[ad_1] AUSTIN, Texas—Standard film genres—horror, documentary, sci-fi, et al.—run rampant at Fantastic Fest, but subgenre niches also seem to emerge every outing. In 2016, the festival boasted multiple films about promotional film art, for instance, in addition to a treasure trove of animation styles. In 2017, origin stories jumped off the schedule. The high-profile Professor […]