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REPORT: UberEats on target to post $3 billion in sales in 2017

A self-employed UberEats food delivery courier. REUTERS/Neil Hall Uber’s food delivery service has quickly grown into a huge operation that’s creating billions of dollars in sales for the San Francisco-headquartered company. UberEats accounted for 8-10% of Uber’s global gross bookings in the second quarter, according to sources cited by The Financial Times on Monday that […]


5 things we learned from Waymo’s big self-driving car report

Waymo Waymo just dropped a 43-page white paper called the Waymo Safety Report that provides a wealth of new details about Waymo’s vision for the self-driving car product the company is getting ready to launch. Officially, the document is a regulatory filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has encouraged—but not yet required—the makers of […]