Judge throws out Allergan patent, slams company’s Native American deal

Enlarge / A woman works at Allergan’s R&D and global production site in Pringy, France. JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT/AFP/Getty Images A federal judge ruled today that patents protecting Allergan’s $1.5 billion blockbuster dry-eye drug, Restasis, are abstract and invalid. The international drug company’s stock dropped about 5 percent on the news. The ruling by US Circuit Judge […]


Apple is being sued for patent infringement by a Native American tribe

Apple gets sued for patent infringement dozens of times each year, mostly by little-known shell companies with no products—the types of companies often derided as “patent trolls.” But the newest lawsuit seeking royalty payments from iPad sales is likely a first: the recently-created plaintiff, MEC Resources LLC, is wholly owned by a Native American tribe. The case had a […]

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Autonomous is a sharp thriller about robotic freedom and patent piracy

This spring, genealogy service was accused of secretly claiming rights to users’ DNA sequences. The company quickly changed its policy, denying any wrongdoing. But it was only the latest reminder of broadly companies can “own” information like biometric details, mental engagement, and even ideas. And it’s the kind of dangerous intersection of intellectual property […]