EA rebuffs ‘pay to win’ loot criticism of ‘SW Battlefront 2’

[ad_1] The publisher noted that they’re considering changing the small-team Strike mode to best-of-three matches, toning down the Specialist’s close-quarters Infiltration ability and tuning up the First Order Flametrooper’s ‘firepower.’ While the beta had rewarded players that stuck together with bonus points, EA is also thinking about adding further rewards users in a spawn wave. […]


Loot boxes in video games will soon get a review flag from OpenCritic

[ad_1] In the week since I ranted about the increasingly poisonous practice of loot boxes appearing in retail-priced video games, more big-ticket titles have shown up to the loot box party. Apparently, we’re not the only folks fed up with the trend, which combines slot-machine psychology with unclear real-money economies in games. On Monday, the review-aggregation site […]

PC World

The Full Nerd episode 33: Intel Core i7-8700K review, fall gaming preview, and loot boxes suck

[ad_1] In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos, Hayden Dingman, and Adam Patrick Murray dive deep into the Core i7-8700K ($370 on Amazon)—Intel’s furious 6-core, 12-thread response to AMD’s disruptive Ryzen processors. This beast games like a champ and even challenges 8-core Ryzen processors in some productivity tasks. But beyond the “Coffee Lake” flagship, […]