The outrage about the Women’s Convention is missing one key point

It’s October 2017 and some fights just won’t die.  Take a look at the most recent intra-resistance clash. In September, organizers of the Women’s March announced that they’d decided to designate the theme of their upcoming convention as the famous Maxine Waters’ quote “Reclaiming Our Time.” The all-powerful Congresswoman would be featured as headliner.  The […]

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Snap is destroying Facebook in a key demographic (SNAP, FB)

Shutterstock Snapchat is adored by the teens of the world. According to a recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, Snapchat is the favorite social media platform among teens, who are considered a key demographic for tech. Nearly half, 47%, said that Snapchat was their preferred social media platform, blowing  Instagram (24%) and Facebook (9%) out of the water. Twitter and […]