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Twitter posts a new version of its rules with updated sections on abuse, spam, violence and more

Twitter today published a new version of its rules, in an effort to further clarify its policies about abuse, spam, self-harm and other topics, as well as to better explain how it determines the appropriate action – like suspending an abuser’s account, for example. The company says the updated documentation doesn’t represent changes to the […]

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BuzzFeed sent memo to staff addressing harassment allegations against employees

[ad_1] Lara O’Reilly/Business Insider BuzzFeed sent a note to its employees affirming its commitment to fighting sexual harassment following the release of the “Sh—- Media Men” list. The company has been investigating allegations of harassment by its employees. BuzzFeed News sent an internal memo on Tuesday to employees affirming the company’s commitment to preventing and stopping sexual harassment after […]


Robert Scoble leaves AR firm he founded amid harassment claims

[ad_1] Tech blogger Robert Scoble, one of the earliest Google Glass owners, has resigned from the mixed reality company he founded earlier this year. James Martin/CNET Tech evangelist Robert Scoble has resigned from Transformation Group, the “mixed reality” consulting firm he cofounded earlier this year, amid several allegations of sexual harassment. Scoble’s departure was announced […]

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Robert Scoble resigned from his VR startup after sex harassment allegations

[ad_1] Robert Scoble, center, resigned Sunday following multiple allegations of sexual assault. Facebook Tech evangelist Robert Scoble has resigned as partner of the VR/AR startup Transformation Group. He resigned following multiple allegations from women claiming that he had sexually assaulted them at tech events. Scoble’s co-founder Shel Israel will run the company on his own.  The […]

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Robert Scoble departs his augmented reality company following sexual harassment claims

[ad_1] Longtime tech blogger and evangelist Robert Scoble has resigned from the Transformation Group, a “mixed reality” consulting firm he co-founded earlier this year, following multiple allegations of sexual assault. The allegations against Scoble began coming out last Thursday, starting with a blog post by journalist Quinn Norton, and grew over the next day. By […]

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Uber’s sexual harassment problem will be the subject of a movie

[ad_1] Susan Fowler’s viral 2017 blog post about sexual harassment at Uber will be the inspiration for a potential film adaptation, Variety reports. The as-yet-unnamed project will be a joint effort from Fowler, a former Uber engineer, the production company Good Universe, and Hidden Figures screenwriter Allison Schroeder. Fowler’s blog post “Reflecting on One Very, […]