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The Full Nerd Episode 29: Threadripper review, final Core i9 specs, and an Intel eclipse

In this week’s Full Nerd, Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray talk Ryzen Threadripper, reveal the latest specs on Intel’s Core i9 CPUs, and wonder why on earth Intel scheduled its 8th-gen Core launch for the same day as the total eclipse? Gordon goes full John Madden and breaks out detailed benchmark charts on AMD […]


Cassini’s Final Dives Will Take Us Where No Spacecraft Has Gone Before

As things here on Earth become increasingly more Theater of the Absurd, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft whizzes millions of miles away, unaffected by our intra-human squabbling. After 20 years of heading toward and exploring the Saturn system, on September 15th, Cassini will plunge itself into the planet’s atmosphere, broadcasting the whole thing like a tearfully beautiful […]