Facebook’s Explore feed is finally rolling out to everyone

[ad_1] Another Facebook News Feed is coming.Image: brittany herbert/mashable By Kerry Flynn2017-10-18 20:11:12 UTC Congratulations, Facebook users! There’s a new Facebook News Feed coming your way.  Facebook’s “Explore” feed is now rolling out to all users after months of testing in the mobile app, TechCrunch reported Wednesday.  The tab will show posts from Facebook Pages […]

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A new book aims to explore the glorious history of sci-fi cover art

[ad_1] The world of science fiction literature includes some truly out-of-this-world stories, which are often accompanied by astonishing, beautiful, and flat-out bizarre covers. Now, a pair of leading science fiction critics are working to crowdfund a new book that chronicles the fantastic covers that have graced science fiction novels throughout the genre’s history. Wonders and […]