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Uber paid off a 20-year-old Florida man to destroy hacked data

Bug bounties (where compensation is offered to hackers who find vulnerabilities) are commonplace within tech circles — everyone from Apple to Samsung utilizes them. And, while highly-publicized rewards of up to $200,000 are the norm, it’s rare that the largest sum is dispensed to any one person. Making Uber’s $100,000 silent payout an all-time record […]


GAO Will Investigate FCC’s Sketchy Claim That a Cyberattack Broke Its Comment System

[ad_1] Photo: AP The Government Accountability Office, a federal watchdog agency that provides investigative support to legislators, will look into the Federal Communications Commission and its chief Ajit Pai’s dubiously supported claims that a cyberattack took down the FCC’s public commenting system earlier this year. In May, the FCC claimed that downtime on its Electronic […]


Iran blamed for cyberattack on UK parliament

[ad_1] One theory suggests that this was really an exploratory mission: Iran may have been looking for data that could compromise the UK’s interests or force it to make concessions. Iran may have been looking for an advantage in trade, too. There’s even the possibility that factions in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard were trying to undermine […]


In the Aftermath of a Cyberattack

[ad_1] As hackers continue ramping up their attacks everyone involved in IoT — manufacturers, integrators, and customers — has to improve their defenses. Last month it was Devil’s Ivy, today there’s a completely different malicious malware or ransomware on the prowl. Tomorrow there will likely be another aggressive “Cyberattack du Jour.” Let’s face it. We […]


Top Lawmakers Call for Independent Investigation Into FCC’s Shady Cyberattack Claims

[ad_1] FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai speaks during an open hearing and vote on “Net Neutrality” in Washington. (Photo: AP) Two US lawmakers on Thursday called for an independent investigation into the alleged cyberattack that the Federal Communication Commission says impaired its public comment system in May. In a letter obtained by Gizmodo, Senator Brian Schatz […]