Realistic Smart Box Product Mock-Up Vol.2

What’s inside 4 high resolution PSD-files, 2300×2300px scenes; Scenes: Scene 1 – Rounded Smart Box – Left-sided Scene 2 – Rounded Smart Box – Right-sided Scene 3 – Two Boxes Scene 4 – Three Boxes Bundle Template size: 1172×1500 box template – 1000x1500px front, 172x1500px side 1500×1500 disk template Each scene contains CD/DVD smart disc, […]


Loot boxes in video games will soon get a review flag from OpenCritic

[ad_1] In the week since I ranted about the increasingly poisonous practice of loot boxes appearing in retail-priced video games, more big-ticket titles have shown up to the loot box party. Apparently, we’re not the only folks fed up with the trend, which combines slot-machine psychology with unclear real-money economies in games. On Monday, the review-aggregation site […]

PC World

The Full Nerd episode 33: Intel Core i7-8700K review, fall gaming preview, and loot boxes suck

[ad_1] In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos, Hayden Dingman, and Adam Patrick Murray dive deep into the Core i7-8700K ($370 on Amazon)—Intel’s furious 6-core, 12-thread response to AMD’s disruptive Ryzen processors. This beast games like a champ and even challenges 8-core Ryzen processors in some productivity tasks. But beyond the “Coffee Lake” flagship, […]