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Smartphone separation anxiety: Scientists explain why you feel bad without your phone

Smartphone separation anxiety is set to become an increasingly widespread problem, researchers say. The term, which is also known as “nomophobia”, is used to described the feeling of panic or stress some people experience when they’re unable to access or use their mobile phone. According to new research, it has little to do with being […]


The Creator of Dear White People Is Making A ‘Horror Satire’ Called Bad Hair

Image: Lionsgate Director Justin Simien made a name for himself in 2014 with Dear White People, a comedy-drama tackling the often-fraught landscape of race relations on predominantly white college campuses. Simien’s since adapted the film into a Netflix series, and now he’s working on horror project called Bad Hair. According to Deadline, Simien is partnering […]


Weekly poll: are camera humps bad?

If you’ve been following the iPhone 8 leaks, the camera hump may have caught your attention. Yes, a vertical dual camera with an LED flash between the two lenses is an attention grabber, but today we want to talk about the hump. Is it a deal breaker? In last week’s Counterclockwise, we concluded with a […]

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Why are airlines so bad

Passengers at Chicago O’Hare International Airpot waiting to go through a security checkpoint.Scott Olson/Getty Images Airlines have worked hard to improve air travel, but have also done things to make it miserable. Much of it is driven by pressure to increase profitability. Behavior such as overselling flights, cramped seating, and oversold flights top the list.  […]


Equity podcast: Benchmark sues Kalanick, and what’s next for IPOs after Snap and Blue Apron’s very bad day

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s weekly venture-themed podcast where we dive into the numbers behind the noise. Forget the summer lull, friends. This week was chock full of news that broke right up until the very last minute. Matthew Lynley was off this week, but Katie Roof and myself were incredibly lucky to have Kate Mitchell, […]