Dead 2017 pop culture trends got their own Halloween graveyard thanks to one creative art teacher

Aside from the scary movies, costumes, and cool weather, one of the best things about Halloween are people’s house decorations. And one dude decided to use his spooky decorations to comment on pop culture. Michael Fry, 39 from Mamaroneck, New York, was inspired by Disney World’s Haunted Mansion gravestones to create his own graveyard on […]

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A new book aims to explore the glorious history of sci-fi cover art

The world of science fiction literature includes some truly out-of-this-world stories, which are often accompanied by astonishing, beautiful, and flat-out bizarre covers. Now, a pair of leading science fiction critics are working to crowdfund a new book that chronicles the fantastic covers that have graced science fiction novels throughout the genre’s history. Wonders and Visions: […]


What to expect from the Engadget Experience, our immersive art + tech event

The Engadget ExperienceAGENDA_____________________Tuesday November 14 9:00 AMDOORS OPEN 10:00 – 10:08 AMOpening Remarks: Christopher Trout, Engadget Editor-in-Chief, and Dana Wollman, Engadget Executive Editor 10:10 – 10:30 AMTalk: A New Lexicon for Virtual Reality with Eugene Chung (Penrose)Just as the entertainment industry needed a new lexicon in the early days of film and opera, creators of […]