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Microsoft quietly snuck an ssh client and server into latest Windows 10 update

reader comments 1 Share this story In 2015, Microsoft announced its intent to bring OpenSSH, the widely used implementation of the secure shell (ssh) protocol used for remote system access and administration throughout the UNIX world, natively to Windows. Without too many people noticing, it turns out that the company has now done this. The […]

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Adobe Lightroom uses AI to edit your photos like a pro

The revamped Auto is available across all platforms, including the desktop, mobile apps and the web. There are some other helpful upgrades, particularly on the desktop. Computer users now have considerably better tone control, including Tone Curve (to fine-tune the tonality and contrast) and Split Toning (to achieve artistic effects, such as sepia). You can […]

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‘Evil Within 2’ trial gives you a taste of surreal survival horror

The original Evil Within wasn’t particularly impressive when it launched, but its sequel has generally fared better. The emphasis is more on the “survival” part than the “horror” this time, but reviewers have generally liked the more involving gameplay and open world aspects. In that sense, the trial is particularly fitting: it’s a chance to […]