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‘Minecraft’ now livestreams building sessions directly to Mixer

Mixer support also lets you make aspects of your Minecraft session interactive. Viewers can vote on spawning objects (including enemies) or even change the environmental conditions. They can turn day into night to see whether you’ll survive the trip back to safety, for instance. If you’ve ever broadcast a Minecraft stream and thought it was […]

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Skype is the latest messaging app to disappear from Chinese app stores

Aurich Lawson reader comments 0 Share this story Yet another popular communications app has disappeared from app stores in China. According to a report from The New York Times, Microsoft’s messaging service Skype is no longer available from app stores, including Apple’s App Store. Google’s Play Store doesn’t operate in China, but Skype hasn’t appeared on […]

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The battle for control of data could be just starting

Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon happily take our data in exchange for convenience, lower prices or free services, but individuals and businesses are beginning to understand the value of controlling their data instead of simply handing it over to the world’s largest technology companies. The battle to regain control over that data could be […]

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Giant ‘Minecraft’ graphics upgrade delayed to 2018

Instead, the biggest improvement (beyond the Better Together release) is The Update Acquatic, which refines underwater adventures. There are new water physics (such as buoyancy), dolphins, coral and a water-appropriate weapon (the trident). There’s no release date just yet. This certainly isn’t going to trigger a crisis for Minecraft players, but it does suggest that […]