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Scripting languages slip in popularity

Prominent scripting languages, once viewed as the future of programming by offering ease of use, have slipped in the monthly Tiobe index of language popularity. Only Python and JavaScript still have some momentum. Languages that have seen their fortunes decline include Perl, PHP, and Ruby. Software quality services company Tiobe’s suspected cause is a desire […]

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What’s new in Prometheus monitoring for Docker and Kubernetes

Prometheus, the open source monitoring system for Docker-style containers running in cloud architectures, has formally released a 2.0 version with major architectural changes to improve its performance. Among the changes that have landed since the release of version 1.6 earlier this year: An entirely new storage format for the data accumulated by Prometheus. A new […]

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Beta JetBrains IDE moves Kotlin apps out of the JVM

JetBrains has made available the Kotlin/Native technology, which creates native binaries for Kotlin code so they can run without a Java virtual machine. A beta version of the CLion IDE allows Kotlin programs to be compiled directly to an executable machine-code format. Kotlin is a statically typed Java language alternative that began on the JVM. But many […]


Review: H2O.ai automates machine learning

InfoWorld Machine learning, and especially deep learning, have turned out to be incredibly useful in the right hands, as well as incredibly demanding of computer hardware. The boom in availability of high-end GPGPUs (general purpose graphics processing units), FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays), and custom chips such as Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) isn’t an accident, […]

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Visual Studio Code roadmap: The new features you can expect

Microsoft’s 2018 roadmap for its open source Visual Studio Code code editor includes better performance, reduced memory consumption, and more support for JavaScript and TypeScript. The multilanguage Visual Studio Code, which Microsoft has been updating monthly, is designed as a streamlined editor for debugging, running tasks, and version control. More complex workflows require the use […]

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Stack Overflow reveals the most-disliked programming languages

When it comes to which languages developers like and dislike, Stack Overflow has some insight. Based on the languages developers tagged as those they would not like to work with in their Stack Overflow Jobs profiles, the company has found that Perl, Delphi, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and PHP are the most disliked programming […]

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What’s new in Node.js 8 and Node.js 9

Node.js 8 is graduating to Long Term Support (LTS) release status, which is intended to signify a level of stability for use in enterprise deployments. Accompanying this new designation for Node.js 8 is the debut of Node.js 9, with asynchronous resource tracking, as the “current” release line. Node.js 8 features With an LTS release of […]