The Best Disney Villains Funko Pops!

1. Maleficent No one messes with Maleficent, her evil majesty. Currently $9.97 at Amazon. Purchase Here. 2. Evil Queen Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most evil of them all? This lady. Currently $8.99 at Amazon. Purchase Here. 3. Gaston No one fights like Gaston, no one stands around admiring himself like Gaston. Currently […]

‘Doctor Who’ Tuesday Trope: Tempting Fate

From survivor’s guilt to the action girl, Doctor Who’s cup runneth over with repetitive motifs. Each week, I’ll tackle another trope, examining its use, effectiveness, and relevance to the long-running BBC show. What could possibly go wrong? (She asks, tempting fate…) TEMPTING FATE Meaning: Someone dares the universe to make things miserable; the universe accepts […]