Got 15 Seconds and a Microwave? Asics Can Customize Your Kicks

Move over, Adidas and Nike: Asics is joining the bespoke shoe revolution. The Japanese footwear maker recently introduced a new technique for creating colorful, custom midsoles. In partnership with Tayin Research & Development Co., Ltd., Asics uses microwave technology—”both speedy and sustainable,” according to the company—to produce instant soles. The in-factory process takes as few […]

Artificial Pancreas Improves Quality of Life for Type-1 Diabetes Patients

An artificial pancreas could replace insulin trackers for type-1 diabetes sufferers. A team of American and Italian researchers successfully piloted a “novel” artificial pancreas system that showed improvements in two key measures of folks living with the metabolic disorder. The outpatient trial—led by Frank Doyle and Eyal Dassau of the Harvard John A. Paulson School […]