Real Good You Guys: Nerdcore Hip-Hop

[ad_1] Geek and nerd culture isn’t simply about anime, comics, sci-fi, technology, and video games. Sometimes it’s about dope beats, fresh flow, and boundless positivity. I’m talking about nerdcore hip-hop, a sub-sub-genre of rap and the fire-spitting nerds who live it. Specifically, I’m talking about MC Frontalot, MC Lars, Mega Ran, and Schaffer the Darklord, […]

Real Good You Guys: Little Witch Academia

[ad_1] If you’re into anime, there’s a relatively new series with “Academia” in the title that’s gotten pretty big recently. I’m not talking about that one (though Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia/Macadamia is itself pretty great, or at least as great as any shonen anime can be). There’s another great, recent anime with “Academia” in […]

Real Good You Guys: Terranigma

[ad_1] The SNES Classic Edition is out now, and while it’s currently really hard to find it isn’t doesn’t seem to be dealing with quite as comically bad distribution and supply as the NES Classic. What matters is that it’s a box with over a dozen excellent Super NES games, including at least four of […]