Flexible ‘Skin’ Gives Robots Sense of Touch

One of the prime differences between humans and robots is our ability to feel—emotionally and physically. A team of engineers from the University of Washington and UCLA, however, are working to bridge that gap. Scientists have developed flexible sensor “skin” that stretches over a robot body or prosthetic to convey sensations like pressure and vibration—”critical […]

US Wins First Giant-Robot Duel Against Japan

Move over, Hugh Jackman: U.S. startup MegaBots kicked steely ass Monday in a real-life giant-robot duel against Japan-based Suidobashi Heavy Industry. MegaBots threw down the iron gauntlet in June 2015, challenging Suidobashi to the world’s first giant-robot fight. The close-combat challenge was pre-recorded last month in an abandoned steel mill Japan, and broadcast this week […]