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Andromeda Botnet Shut Down

Law enforcement has dismantled the Andromeda malware family, which has been infecting computers since 2011. With the help of partners—including the FBI, Microsoft, and others—Europol intercepted the internet traffic between Andromeda-infected computers and the command servers to which the malware was communicating. All that traffic was then “sinkholed” and redirected to servers under the investigators’ […]


The Navy’s Horrifyingly Powerful Electromagnetic Railgun Might Be Coming to an End: Report

Photo: Getty For years, we’ve been sharing videos and images showing the destructive power of the United State Navy’s electromagnetic railgun. But we might soon be seeing the last of those horrifying GIFs. Instead of using chemical combustion, the railgun fires projectiles using magnetic fields generated by enormous amount of energy. The superweapon is capable […]