These Xbox Christmas ornaments are adorable, if you can get your hands on one

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Gee, this year has flown by.

With Christmas mere weeks away, there’s a whole suite of holiday products ready to be thrust at you. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Xbox Christmas ornaments are rather quite adorable — although getting your hands on them is a rather strange process.

These mini versions of an Xbox One S controller and console are designed to brighten up your Christmas tree with a bit of gaming-related cheer this season. 

Unfortunately for those who already have the latest Xbox, you’ll only be able to get one if you buy a console from the flagship Microsoft Store in New York or Sydney, Australia from Nov. 23. Boo, hiss — unless you needed a new console. In that case, good for you.

Image: microsoft

The company is also teasing four gold plated versions of the Christmas ornaments, which it claims to be worth more than $4,000 each. 

However, they’ll be only released as part of a competition on the Microsoft Store AU and Microsoft Store NYC Facebook pages from Nov 23. 

You’ll have to be in possession of the original non-gold plated ornament to be eligible for the competition, and capture a “creative photo” of said ornament, according to the competition’s terms and conditions. Honestly, it’s a bit much.

So yes, you’ll likely only be able to look at pretty pictures of these. Honestly, why won’t people give us the pretty things in exchange for money?

Image: microsoft

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