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How to use Word to create holiday cards and other projects

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Microsoft Word may not be a full-fledged graphics program, but you can use its layout, font, text box and other features to make surprisingly good custom holiday cards—with a little clever manipulation and some creativity. You can use images or clip art from your own collection, download royalty-free images from the web, or use Shapes and Special Effects in Word to draw your own custom images. 

Note: If you’re planning to use envelopes (as opposed to a postcard-type design), note that the paper size may be determined by the size of the envelope. So, choose your envelopes first, then create your project.

Designing envelopes in Word

1. Because envelopes are generally wider than tall, open a blank Word document, and select Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape.

2. Next, select Page Layout > Size > More Paper Sizes.

01 select orientation and paper size JD Sartain

Select Orientation and Paper Size

3. Under Paper Size on the Page Setup screen, scroll down to the envelope section. Note that there are five preset option, plus an option to create a custom-sized envelope. The presets are as follows:

a. #10 Envelope: 9.5 inches wide x 4.13 inches tall

b. Envelope Monarch: 7.5 inches wide x 3.88 inches tall

c. Envelope B5: 9.84 inches wide x 6.93 inches tall

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