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Best smart bulbs

Table of Contents Show More Smart light bulbs—LED-based bulbs that can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app—are no longer a new idea. What is new is how far this technology has come since its advent just a few years ago. Also new: Products like the Nanoleaf Aurora—a system of interlocking LED panels that […]

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Osama bin Laden’s compound computers held crochet lessons, viral YouTube videos, and sexy video games

A couple of years after releasing the first cache of books and articles found in Osama bin Laden’s compound in 2011, the US government has followed up with a massive collection of computer files — including viral YouTube videos, anime, and the September 11th conspiracy documentary Loose Change. The CIA-hosted archive includes hundreds of gigabytes’ […]

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Motiv Ring

These days you can wear fitness trackers almost anywhere—on your wrist, in your ears, clipped to your belt or bra, and with the Motiv Ring, on your finger. While it’s not the first or only smart ring out there, it stands out from the pack with continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, three days of […]

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Razer Phone

Why the heck is Razer making a phone? It says that mobile gaming is getting serious, and it wants to get in on the action. So the company bought Nextbit, a phone startup run by key ex-HTC employees, and blended that staff with the remnants of failed Android-console startup Ouya. Ouya and Razer’s own efforts […]

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Razer Phone launch: company squeezes PC gaming tech into a smartphone

Gaming on smartphones is big business. So big that hardcore gaming firm Razer reckons there’s a better way to make a smartphone that’s good for games, but that you won’t be embarrassed to use in public. Having started making precision mice and colourful keyboards for gaming, then successfully moving into performance laptops over the last […]