This Criminal Found a Safe Haven Living Between Arcade Games in Japan

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Kobe City police officials announced that they had arrested an unidentified man on suspicion of trespassing. The property he was accused of trespassing at, a Japanese Amusement Arcade, was apparently also the location of the man’s home. Which, if you’re going to squat anywhere an arcade isn’t a bad option. The 30-year-old would wedge himself between arcade machines to hide and sleep as well as dodge staff until after hours.

His transgressions don’t stop at simple trespassing though. He had also been breaking into a local junior high and other nearby buildings in search of items to rob. All told he stole money and items amounting to ¥1,230,000 ($11,184), including student’s used P.E. kits. There are no details on exactly how he fenced those, but I guarantee that’s a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down.

The police detailed how the man became homeless as well. He previously lived with his mother in Kyoto, and after a falling out, she threw him out of her house. He then moved to Kobe City, where he stayed at 24-hour manga cafes and cheap lodging houses before his genius move to the arcade.

Japanese game centers are typically dim, and open late or 24 hours. It must have been madding trying to sleep among the loud noise and flashing lights, but obviously, he had the dedication it took. There’s no word yet as to what the official charges against the man are, and his case is currently pending.

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