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Google town hall meeting canceled after days of online harassment

[ad_1] A highly-anticipated town hall meeting inside Google was canceled today due to the employees’ concerns around online harassment. The all-hands meeting was intended to address the controversy around an internal memo that argued women were underrepresented in tech due to innate biological differences. “Googlers are writing in, concerned about their safety and worried they […]

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Battle for power at Uber as investor sues ex-CEO Travis Kalanick alleging fraud

Uber Benchmark Capital accuses Travis Kalanick of fraud to ‘increase his power over Uber for his own selfish ends’ as former CEO calls the case ‘riddles with lies’ Travis Kalanick resigned at CEO of Uber in June following scandal over discrimination, harassment and company culture. Photograph: Michel Porro/Getty Images Uber Battle for power at Uber […]

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How Travis Kalanick has allegedly foiled Uber’s CEO search

[ad_1] REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui Travis Kalanick, Uber’s former CEO, is actively thwarting the company’s search for his replacement, according to a new lawsuit. The suit, filed by early Uber investor Benchmark Capital, alleges that Kalanick fraudulently gained control of three out of Uber’s 11 board seats. Benchmark’s suit accuses Kalanick of intending to use the board […]


35 Corporate Infographic Elements

[ad_1] Corporate Infographic Elements is an excellent collection of animated charts. We offer you 35 animated charts in the blue color. Graphs are great for decorating your presentations or videos. You can also use them to demonstrate specific data by writing the desired figures in the replaced text blocks. All figures in the draft easily […]


Google’s Sundar Pichai cancels internal meeting on gender issues in light of online harassment concerns

[ad_1] Google CEO Sundar Pichai was expected to hold an all-hands meeting this afternoon in light of now-former Google engineer James Damore’s post about differences between men and women. Shortly before it was scheduled to start, Pichai sent out a note to employees letting them know it’s cancelled, Recode reports. Some employees reportedly expressed fear that […]


The Dancing Hot Dog Was Loved by All

[ad_1] GIF Image: Snap/Gizmodo Despite sounding pretty screwed during its second-ever investor call on Thursday, Snapchat had a teeny nugget of good news to share. “Our dancing hot dog is likely the world’s very first augmented reality superstar,” said billionaire Snap CEO Evan Spiegel on a webcast with investors. The dancing dog has been seen […]