Rotor Unit Spinning On Steel Smokestack

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Nikki Haley is sooo bummed she has to work on July 4 just because North Korea launched an ICBM

[ad_1] She’d rather be watching fireworks.Image: Europa Newswire/REX/Shutterstock By Keith Wagstaff2017-07-04 23:39:53 UTC Don’t you hate when it’s the Fourth of July and instead of grilling burgers with friends, you’re forced to deal with a hostile foreign state that just tested an intercontinental ballistic missile?  Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and current U.S. […]


Car Rental

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Fish on Market Stalls

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BMW video teases the i8 electric roadster

[ad_1] BMW released the above video, with only the slightest bit of text teasing the virtues of “open-top driving pleasure – virtually silent and with zero local emissions.” We’ve seen the i8 roadster plenty of times before, in concept form going back to 2012, and recently in spy shots with the top up and top […]


Look into the jaws of a 166 million-year-old giant crocodile

[ad_1] Artist’s recreation of the head of Razanandrongobe sakalavae, based on intensive scans of the fossil skull. Fabio Manucci Artist’s conception of Razana scavenging on a sauropod carcass in the Middle Jurassic of Madagascar. Unlike today’s crocodilians, this terrestrial predator had a deep skull and walked on extended limbs. Fabio Manucci Size comparison between Razana […]