Apple is redesigning the App Store

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Apple kicked off the reveal with a “world premiere” of Monument Valley 2, a successor to the M.C Escher-inspired game by UsTwo. Scrolling through each feed, it’s clear that less information will be visible on your screen at any one time — Apple is banking on that being a boon, rather than a drawback, however. The company wants to avoid “information overload” by focusing on smaller, specialized app lists instead. There will be an App of the Day, a Game of the Day and even Store-specific blog posts and lists — one example Apple showed was called “5 Tips to Get More out of VSCO.”

When you find an app, you’ll notice that in-app purchases are now available on the same page. That means you can buy photo filters, or sign up for a monthly video streaming subscription without digging through the app itself. Description pages are also being reworked so that developers can write longer, creative notes, rather like a blogging platform. All told, it’s a huge revamp for the App Store. The renewed focus on curation is intriguing — it will, in theory, improve app discovery, boosting revenue and competition. If Apple’s efforts fail, however, it could exasperate the store’s existing issues, making it harder than ever for developers to earn a living.

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