cPanel Subdomain Manager

[ad_1] cPanel Subdomain Manager is helping adding, deleting and listing your subdomains which one on cPanel based host. You can easly list, add or delete your subdomains. Otherwise, you can use only subdomain class for managing subdomains via PHP. Other Items [ad_2] Source


Doodle Photo Frames

[ad_1] Similar Projects Description Hi! This is an exclusive template “Doodle Photo Frames”, which is a nice combo of the style and motion graphics. It is perfect for your slideshow, promo, portfolio, home video, events, corporate or just for fun! All controls are amazingly easy! Preset Promotion All shape stuff from this template was made […]


Meet Binky, the anti-social media simulator

[ad_1] Something happened to social media recently. I don’t know exactly when things changed, but almost overnight, randomly scrolling through feeds became a lot less enjoyable. Flame-wars, bad news, fake news, worse news and anxiety-fueling comment sections meant that social media is no longer the escapism it once was. Along comes Binky counter all of that, […]