Raspberry Pi is merging with a coding foundation

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CoderDojo, if you’re not aware, is a Dublin-based organization that focuses on getting young people coding. It facilitates the creation of volunteer-run programming clubs for youngsters aged between 7 to 17. The organization says that there are more than 1,250 CoderDojos in 69 countries, which serve more than 35,000 children and teenagers.

While the Raspberry Pi Foundation is best known for its cheap computing boards, it also has a vocal and passionate community. It offers resources to help support educators who want to teach coding and also runs its Code Club network of programming clubs for children aged between 9 and 13 (which are attended by over 150,000 kids a week). Code Club wasn’t its own creation, though — the Foundation merged with the eponymous organization back in 2015.

Looking at numbers alone, it’s easy to see why Raspberry Pi and CoderDojo are a good fit. Plus, it’s something the hardware maker has done successfully in the past. While their programming clubs may slightly differ, both organizations agree there is “a need and room for both.”

Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Eben Upton recently said that the organization would move away from major product launches and focus more on software, as well as “doubling down” on its charitable work. Today’s announcement suggests that dream is becoming a reality.

“Raspberry Pi will work closely with CoderDojo to advance our shared goals, pooling our resources and expertise to get more adult volunteers and young people involved in the movement,” said the Raspberry Pi Foundation a statement. “Our combined scale will allow us to invest more in the infrastructure and systems that underpin our work, and to offer a wider range of products and services to our communities.”


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