Patent trolls take in on the chin in new Supreme Court ruling

[ad_1] Sad! Patent trolls, who’ve benefited from a 30-year-old legal standard that made it possible for patent holders to sue companies in almost any U.S. jurisdiction — including a federal district in east Texas that’s notorious for serving a a favorable venue for patent holders — just lost their ability to bring infringement lawsuits in such plaintiff-friendly places. […]


DTMS – Demo Templates Management System

[ad_1] DTMS – Demo Template Management System DTMS is a PHP script written on Codeigniter to allow you to show your demo template or your theme in a simple and secure way. In fact you have full control of everything without writing a single line of code. You can design unlimited navbar styles to adapt […]


Google accused of threatening employees’ jobs over leaks

[ad_1] Google is accused of threatening employees who leak confidential information to reporters. Claudia Cruz/CNET A Google executive threatened to terminate employees who shared internal information with journalists, according to a lawsuit filed against the tech giant. Court papers filed earlier this month in San Francisco Superior Court allege the threat came in the form […]