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Engineering Students Create 1,500-Pound Rubik’s Cube

[ad_1] Engineering Students Create 1,500-Pound Rubik’s Cube | The Huffington Post Squaring off against this Rubik’s Cube is a huge undertaking ― it weighs 1,500 pounds. University of Michigan engineering students on Thursday unveiled what is believed to be the world’s largest hand-solvable, stationary version of the cube. Designing and building the colossal cube was a […]

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An iPhone Turned Up In This Guy’s Subaru Dashboard, Prompting The Most Entertaining Internet Mystery Of All Time

[ad_1] This is it. The most entertaining Facebook thread of all time. Oh, you disagree? Then please point me to a better (and true) story than this one, prompted by a mechanic finding an old iPhone ― locked and stuck in airplane mode ― in a Subaru’s dashboard airbag compartment (yep, you read that correctly). Then […]


PHP Weather Forecast Script

[ad_1] PHP Weather Forecast is an Ajax driven application which engage the user with features like HTML5 Geolocation, Nice preloader and fade-in animations for result sets and more. It has a unique clean design compatible with mobile devices as well (responsive). Features HTML5 GeoLocation with default location fall-back. Ajaxed weather & forecast search results. Animated […]